Reverse Brake Assist

Illustration showing Reverse Brake Assist
Backing up your vehicle isn’t easy, especially in a parking garage and other tight spaces. That’s when available Reverse Brake Assist can be helpful.10During the daytime and when the weather is clear, the system can detect a stationary object, a vehicle crossing, or a pedestrian or cyclist behind you and provide an audible alert. The cross-traffic alert warning can even provide a visual display in the message center showing the direction a vehicle is coming from on a street or parking lot. What’s more, Reverse Brake Assist can bring you to a complete stop if you don’t react in time, emitting audible and visual warnings before the brakes apply.
Vehicle backing out of reverse perpendicular parking space with a vehicle crossing behind

Back Out More Confidently

Now, technology can do more than just warn when a vehicle is crossing your path while you’re backing out of a parking spot or your driveway. Available Reverse Brake Assist can alert you as well to stationary objects and pedestrians behind you. And it can bring you to a complete stop if you don’t react in time.10

Reverse Brake Assist Availability

(Standard and Optional)
SUV and Crossovers