Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador Rush Sturges

Rush’s Bronco® Sport parked at a riverbed.
Bronco Sport shown with available Ford Accessories.
Rush going over a waterfall in a kayak.
A scenic overhead view of a road.
Rush holding a camera and smiling.
Whitewater Kayaker
Rush Sturges

Rush’s family ran a kayak school in Northern California for 40 years, so the sport runs deep in his DNA. Today, his exploits are legendary: The first descent of the Inga Rapids on the Congo River. And the invention of freestyle moves including the Pistol Flip and the Hail Mary, a complete front flip over a waterfall. When it comes to finding that perfect put-in, Rush (who often travels with four or five boats) is geeked about the roof-rack capability in his Bronco Sport. As for his own aptitude outdoors? “We all come from the wilderness and that’s where we all get back to one day.”

The 2021 Bronco® Sport Outer Banks® shown in Area 51.
2021 model year; computer-generated image shown.
Bronco® Sport Outer Banks®
Area 51

Rush doesn’t just handle what nature throws at him. He grabs it, twists it and turns it into an electrifying signature move. Which is nice. Because adapting to weird, crazy stuff is the trademark of his Bronco Sport.

Rush’s Bronco® Sport parked in front of a mountain range.
Bronco Sport shown with available Ford Accessories.