Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador Leah Dawson

Leah posing for the camera.
Leah surfing.
The shoreline.
Leah surfing.
Wave Woman
Leah Dawson

When mom and dad are both extreme sports pioneers, their kid will likely be at ease pushing boundaries. On a board since she was three, Leah pursued surfing with a passion that evolved into a competitive fire. Maybe too much fire. So she eased off the competition angle and suddenly gained new love and respect for the sport. Today, Leah is proud to be a founding member of the Changing Tides Foundation – empowering women and engaging the community to protect the planet. Speaking of that planet, Leah is still filled with wonder: “The Earth’s magic awaits us when we set out to explore its vast terrain.”

Leah’s 2021 Bronco® Badlands® shown in Antimatter Metallic.
2021 model year; computer-generated image shown.
Bronco® Badlands®
Antimatter Blue Metallic

Leah loves water. As long as it doesn’t blemish her Bronco. Solution? Neoprene® front seat covers. Also: A two-person rooftop tent, a rack-mounted stand-up paddleboard carrier and the off-road heavy-duty recovery kit. Because the planet isn’t all water.

Leah lying on a surfboard at the beach.