Ford® Team Bronco Ambassador Isaiah Scott

Isaiah holding binoculars.
Adventure Birder  |  Naturalist
Isaiah Scott

Isaiah’s take on adventure is a whole different animal: Birds. He got into the concept after visiting an ornithology lab at age 13. While still in high school, he launched his own tour operation – Ike’s Birding Hikes. Today, he’s stoked about expanding the tour and sharing the joy of birding on a social media platform with more than 100,000 followers. Although Isaiah is happy to gaze at just about any bird, his favorites are the painted bunting, swallow-tailed kite and bobolink. As for those who want to get into birding, Isaiah assures that birds are easy to find. “Get out there and explore the natural world all around you.”

Isaiah’s 2023 Bronco® Outer Banks® model  shown in Atlas Blue.
2023 model year; computer-generated image with optional equipment shown.
2023 Bronco® Sport Outer Banks® Model
Atlas Blue

Seeking out birds he’s never seen, Isaiah boldly goes deep. So it’s nice to have the durability of the Yakima HD Cross Bar Kit and the peace of mind of the Off-Road Assistance Kit. This is adventure taking flight.

Isaiah holding binoculars.