2025 Explorer®


The Open Road Is Calling

The 2025 Ford Explorer® SUV is your adventure-ready companion. Two engine options and plenty of towing power. The only question you need to ask is, “Where to next?”

Engine Options

Smooth Ride

2025 Ford Explorer® ST SUV parked on a street with ST SUV Experience logo

ST SUV Experience

Every Explorer® ST and ST-Line customer is eligible to attend an exclusive experience, the Ford Performance Racing School’s ST Driving Experience, where they will learn how to get the most out of their Explorer® ST. Customers can select the location of their choice – Park City, Utah, or Asheville, North Carolina.
Extra-cost color option shown.

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Towing Standard on All Models

2025 Ford Explorer® SUV towing a trailer on a highway

Towing Guide

Whether trailering a camper, ATVs or something else, our handy towing guide will help determine if this SUV is capable of towing what you need.

Explorer® SUV Towing Specs