2023 Edge


Power. Performance. Practicality.

Whether it’s the 2.0L EcoBoost® engine or the 2.7L EcoBoost V6 engine, they’re twin hearts that beat to the rhythm of the road.
2023 Ford Edge® SUV in Iconic Silver being driven through a city

Available 2.7L EcoBoost® Engine

Buckle in, tap the start button and grab the wheel. This dynamic powerhouse delivers an impressive 335 horsepower68 and 380 ft.-lb. of torque,68 putting a smile on your face with each passing mile.
A 2023 Ford Edge® ST SUV in Iconic Silver being driven on a wet city road

Sport Mode At Your Fingertip

Faster acceleration, a more responsive engine, and nimble handling await your touch. The Intelligent All-Wheel drive system kicks in seamlessly, giving you more sure-footedness when cornering.
Rotary gear shift of a 2023 Ford Edge® SUV
2023 Ford Edge® SUV in Stone Blue stopped on a steep hill

Auto Start-Stop Technology

Auto Start-Stop Technology automatically shuts off the engine when your vehicle comes to a stop and then seamlessly restarts when you step on the accelerator or when your foot leaves the brake pedal. *

Extra cost paint color shown.

*Auto Start-Stop technology may not shut your engine off if your vehicle battery is charging the engine is still warming up, or if you’re using heat or air conditioning.

Close-up of paddle shifters of a 2023 Ford Edge® SUV

Available Paddle Shifters

A sporty drive is just a touch away. Mounted on the steering wheel, they let you manually shift quickly from gear to gear.