What is the Ford Service Parts Warranty?

Ford Motor Company will repair or replace any properly installed new Ford or Motorcraft®* part during the service parts, accessory, or the remaining portion of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, whichever provides greater coverage. Warranty coverage is provided for any part or accessory found to be defective in factory-supplied material or workmanship during that warranty period.

When a service part or accessory fails and is replaced or exchanged under the Service Parts Warranty, the replacement part or accessory assumes only the remaining, unexpired portion of the warranty of the original replacement part or accessory. The warranty period does not start over with subsequent repairs.

Some parts may have a unique Service Parts Warranty (e.g., Motorcraft engine and transmission assemblies). See your Ford Dealer for additional details and restrictions.

Parts Coverage

Part or Accessory

The Warranty Start Date for a new or remanufactured Ford part differs based on how it was purchased. 


The date of installation.

Sold Over-The-Counter

  • To a retail purchaser: The date of sale.
  • To a fleet, general installer, or wholesaler: The date the part or accessory is installed.

Sold By a Third-Party Vendor

If your part was purchased from eBay, Amazon, or a similar store, contact the seller for warranty coverage information. These products are not covered by the Ford Service Parts Warranty.

Maintenance and Wear Items

Service Parts Warranty is applicable to defects only and does not cover concerns resulting from normal wear or maintenance. Examples of non-warrantable maintenance items include brake lining, spark plugs, oil changes, oil filters, air filters, or tire rotation.

Subsequent Owners

If a previous owner had a repair completed with Service Parts Warranty coverage, you can take advantage of the remaining warranty as long as you have their sales slip or repair order.

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*Motorcraft is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.