Playing Audible audiobooks in your vehicle


With Audible and SYNC® with MyFord Touch® you can play some of your favorite audiobooks in your vehicle — and control it all using your voice.
Audible is available for select Ford vehicles and requires the 3.0 or later version of MyFord Touch software.27

Getting started with Audible

After you have completed these steps, you’re ready to listen to audiobooks using Audible and SYNC® with MyFord Touch®. Use voice commands to play books, navigate through chapters, browse your authors, and more.

Audible voice commands

Before giving commands, connect the USB storage device containing your audiobook to the USB port and wait for SYNC with MyFord Touch to finish detecting the content on your device.


Voice commands

Play audiobook


Pause audiobook


Skip between chapters

"<Next Chapter/Previous Chapter>"

Set Repeat

"<Repeat One/Repeat All>"

Play audiobook by a specific author

"Play Author <Name>"

Play a podcast

"Play Album <Podcast Name>"

Browse your audiobooks

"Browse All Audiobooks"

Search for an audiobook or a chapter

"Search Audiobook <Title/Chapter>"