How do I pair my Galaxy S5 with SYNC with MyFord Touch?

Connect your Samsung Galaxy S5™ with SYNC® MyFord Touch™ to make and receive hands-free calls.27,43

Here’s how to pair your phone:

  • Start your vehicle, and power on your Galaxy S5.
  • Enable your phone's Bluetooth® feature:48
    Press Apps > Settings
    Scroll to and press Bluetooth; to turn Bluetooth on, press the Bluetooth slider.
  • Meanwhile, on your vehicle's touchscreen, SYNC will have listed any phones that are already paired.
    Press Add a phone.
  • Go back to your phone's Bluetooth settings, and scan for devices.
    Press SYNC.
  • Both your phone and SYNC should now display a six-digit PIN.
    Verify that the two numbers match.
    Press Pair on your phone, and Yes on your SYNC touchscreen to confirm.