SYNC® 3 Phone Overview

SYNC 3 gives you voice-control over your phone for hands-free calling—while your phone is securely put away—so you can stay connected while you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.27,48

Watch this video for a quick review of the SYNC 3 enhanced voice commands.

SYNC 3 Home screen

The SYNC 3 Home screen provides at-a-glance information* about the currently connected Bluetooth®-enabled phone.48

  • Name
  • Signal strength
  • Battery life
  • 911 Assist status
  • Unread text message

*Features are device dependent.

Phone menu

Once your phone is paired with SYNC 3, tiles and icons in the Phone menu enable you to quickly access frequently used features, including:

Learn how to pair your phone with SYNC 3.

Incoming call notifications

When you get a call, you can use your steering wheel controls or the large color-coded buttons on the touchscreen to accept or reject the call.


When you pair your phone, you can choose to automatically download your contacts. See how to manage your phonebook to work with SYNC 3.

Once your phonebook has been downloaded, the A-to-Z jump feature allows you to conveniently find phone contacts alphabetically.

A quick drag of the scroll bar displays a large letter indicating where you are within the phonebook.

Changing phone settings

Access your phone settings by pressing the Settings button in the Feature bar at the bottom of your home screen, and then press the Phone icon.

View Devices. Allows you to add and delete devices, connect to a previously paired phone and change your favorite phone.

Manage Contacts. Allows you to choose photos listed in your phonebook to appear, how your contacts are listed by first or last name, and auto-download contacts. Learn more about managing your phonebook with SYNC 3.

Set Phone Ringtone. Allows you to select “no ringtone” or one of the three available ringers.

Text Message Notification. When you turn on this feature, an icon will appear on the touchscreen notifying you of unread text messages.

Mute Audio in Privacy. When enabled, vehicle audio (such as radio or apps) will be muted for the duration of the phone call.

Roaming Warning. When you turn on this feature, an icon will appear on the touchscreen notifying you that your phone is out of its service range and is roaming.

Low Battery Notification. When enabled an icon will appear on the Home screen next to your phone indicating that your mobile phone’s battery charge is running low.

Phone voice commands

When you want to make a call with SYNC 3, just say the person’s name listed in your phonebook contacts.

While your phone is paired to SYNC, simply press the Voice button on your steering wheel and say the words.

Phone Voice Commands

“Phone list of commands”
“Pair phone”
“Call <name> on <cell/at home/at work>”
“Dial <number>”
“Delete” or “Clear” erases numbers
“Listen to text messages”
“Reply to text message”

Learn more about SYNC 3 voice commands.