How to use SiriusXM® with SYNC® 3

SYNC 3 allows you to browse, find, and listen to your favorite SiriusXM® channels with a simple tap of your touchscreen or hands-free with voice commands.27,34

Access SiriusXM®

By voice

  • Press the Voice button on your steering wheel and say, “Sirius.”

By touchscreen

  • Touch the Audio icon in the Menu bar at the bottom of the touchscreen.
  • Touch Source.
  • Touch Sirius.

Find SiriusXM® channels

On the SiriusXM® menu of the touchscreen, you can direct tune, browse and search for categories and channels, skip channels, lock out younger listeners, program up to 18 preset channels, and replay up to 45 minutes of previously streamed played content.

Browsing and Searching

By voice

  • Press the Voice button and say, “Browse Sirius Channel Guide.”
  • A full list of categories will display
  • Press the Voice button and say the name or number of the SiriusXM® channel you’d like
  • The channel(s) will display

By touchscreen

  • Touch Channel Guide for a full list of categories.
  • Touch the category you want, and a full list of channels will display.
  • Touch View and you can select by:
    • Channel
    • Title
    • Artist
  • Press the Arrows to scroll to your desired channel and press it.

Direct tune

Once you have chosen SiriusXM® as the Audio Source, you can use voice commands or the Direct Tune icon on the SYNC 3 touchscreen to find a specific channel.

  • Touch Direct Tune on the touchscreen, and a pop-up window will appear.
    Touch the keypad to enter the desired channel frequency.
    • To delete a previously entered number, press the backspace button.
  • Once you’ve entered the channel’s call numbers:
    • Touch Enter to begin playing the channel you’ve entered.
    • Touch Cancel to exit without playing the channel.

Set Presets

Whenever you’re listening to a channel, you can save it by assigning it one of the available 18 Presets.

  • Tune to the desired radio channel, and then press and hold a memory Preset button in the row of buttons above the Menu bar of the touchscreen.
    • The audio will mute briefly while the system saves the channel and then resume playing.
  • Tap the Preset button to access additional presets.
    • The three horizontal lines on the right of the Preset button indicate which bank of presets you’re currently viewing.


Once Replay is activated, you can replay up to 44 minutes of previously played content.

  • Activate Replay by touching the Replay button on the touchscreen, and the system will begin storing content.
  • To replay the last song, tap the Seek Back button once.
  • To replay from the beginning, tap the Seek Back button multiple times.
  • To return to live audio, tap the Replay button once


Setting an Alert, when available, will notify you if a previously selected artist or song is currently being played. You’ll first have to enable Alerts and then select those songs and artists you’d like to be alerted to.

  • Enable Alerts:
    • Touch the Alert icon
    • Touch the Enable Alerts button
  • Select the artists and songs you’d like to be alerted to:
    • When you hear a song or artist you’d like to be alerted to, touch the Alert icon
    • Then touch Add to the right of either the song title or artist, or both to add them to your Alerts list
    • A message appears on the touchscreen notifying you that the Alert has been saved

Once an Alert has been saved, anytime that artist or song is playing on another SiriusXM® channel, a message will appear on the touchscreen and you can choose to Tune to that channel, Delete or Disable the Alert, or Cancel the Alert.


On the SiriusXM® channel list, you can choose to skip or lock a channel from being accessed. Press Channel Guide for a full list of categories. Then Press All Channels and a full list of channels will display. Scroll down for more channels. To the right of each channel, you’ll find the Skip buttons.

  • Touch Skip and that channel will be skipped when you are using the tuning buttons.
  • To turn this feature off, simply touch Skip again.


Locking a channel disables that channel. In the Channel list, to the right of each channel, you’ll find the Lock buttons.

  • Touch Lock.
  • Type in a four-digit PIN.
  • Touch Enter to confirm locking.
  • To unlock a channel, touch Lock and re-enter the PIN.