How do I manage the Power My Trip feature?

Using the FordPass®* App, you can create, edit, or delete trip plans. You can also delete trip plans on your SYNC®** screen. Use the steps below for more information.

Important: The Power My Trip feature is currently not available on FordPass 5.X. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Using Power My Trip

Confirm your version of FordPass and select one of the options below for next steps. 

Create a Trip Plan Using FordPass 4.X

To create a trip in FordPass:

  1. Open the FordPass App.
  2. Navigate to the Map screen. 
  3. Select Trip Planner.  
  4. Determine your destination using one of the following options:
    • Search for a new address
    • Favorites
    • Recent Searches

After selecting the address of your destination, you will be directed back to the Map where the destination is now pinned. 


  • The starting destination may often say Current Vehicle Location. 
  • You can customize your starting location by typing your preferred starting destination in the origin search box.  

For visual steps, view the How to Plan a Trip video below.

Note: After the Trip Planner option is selected, it may say "Plan A Trip" or route to the Map screen. 

Edit a Trip Plan Using FordPass 4.X

To modify a trip using FordPass:

  1. Open the FordPass App.
  2. Navigate to the Map screen. 
  3. Tap Trip Planner
  4. Select the trip you want to modify. 
  5. Tap the Settings option to edit your trip specifications.
  6. Choose to edit either of the following:
    • Departure time
    • Tow & Haul
    • Starting charge
    • Route options
  7. Select Save Options after making your edits. 
  8. Tap Save Trip Plan to save your trip. 

A prompt will appear, which will provide instructions on how to open your saved trip. Tap OK to confirm you read and understood the instructions. 

Save Trip Favorites Using FordPass 4.X

To save a trip as a favorite:

  1. Open the FordPass App. 
  2. Navigate to the Map screen.
  3. Select the Trip Planner.
  4. Tap the Where are you going? field.
  5. Select the correct address provided.
  6. Tap Save Trip Plan.

Delete a Trip Using FordPass 4.X

To delete a trip using FordPass:

  1. Open the FordPass App.
  2. Navigate to the Map screen. 
  3. Select Trip Planner.
  4. Locate the trip you want to delete. 
  5. Swipe left on the trip.
  6. Tap the Delete button.

Delete a Trip Using SYNC

To delete a Trip using SYNC:

  1. Safely enter your vehicle.
  2. Ensure your vehicle is on, running, parked, and in a well-ventilated safe area.
  3. Select Navigation.
  4. Tap the Magnifying Glass icon. 
  5. Press the myTrips tile. 
  6. Select FordPass Trips
  7. Locate the trip you want to delete.
  8. Select the trip tile. 
  9. Tap the Trash Bin icon to delete.

If you experience any issues, contact a Guide using the Account > Help options in FordPass.

Additional Information 

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Where can I find Power My Trip troubleshooting tips?

*The FordPass® App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available through a download. Message and data rates may apply.

**Don’t drive while distracted. Use voice-operated systems when possible; don’t use handheld devices while driving. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones.

Feature is available on select vehicles. Features may vary based on model year, trim, options, packages, and supply availability. Use the Build and Price tool to view feature availability on current models. If you have questions or need more information, reference your Owner’s Manual or contact your Ford Dealer

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