What You Need to Know About the 2015-2017 Ford Expedition® SUV Safety Recall

Electronic key fob for 2021 Ford Expedition SUV vehicles with battery junction box recall

Recall Reference Number: 22S56

Keeping our Ford drivers and passengers safe is our top priority. We recently discovered a safety issue with the front blower motor on some 2015–2017 Expedition SUVs and have issued a recall for affected vehicles. Owners and lessees with affected vehicles will be contacted directly. You can also check to see if your Expedition is included in this recall by entering your VIN here.

We are working closely with suppliers to produce parts for this repair, which should be available in early 2023. However, if you smell or see smoke coming from the vents, or if your interior climate control stops working, please call your Ford Dealer immediately for an interim repair. Service and parts are available to you at no charge.

We’ll also alert you as soon as your local Ford Dealer is ready to schedule appointments to replace your HVAC blower assembly with a permanent new solution.

Keeping Ford drivers and passengers safe is our most important job. If you have any questions or concerns about the Expedition safety recall, please call 1-866-436-7332 and reference 22S56. A Ford Recall team member will be happy to assist you.

We care deeply about making vehicles you can count on every day and are ready to make this right. Thank you for being a Ford Owner.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the issue tied to this recall?

We’ve found a defect that affects motor vehicle safety in some 2015–2017 model-year Ford Expedition® SUVs and Lincoln Navigator® SUVs. The front blower motor in certain vehicles built in this time frame may experience overheating and risk of interior fire.

Which Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard is noncompliant?


What is the cause of the issue?

Based on what we know, we believe it starts inside the front blower motor, which is located on the passenger-side interior behind the glove box.

Who is the supplier involved in this recall?

Detroit Thermal Systems and Brose (blower motor and wheel assembly).

What is the expected repair?

Ford engineers have found a permanent solution and Ford is working closely with suppliers to produce parts for this repair.

How did Ford discover this issue?

Our customers reported this issue to us and NHSTA.

Are there any open investigations on this specific issue?


How many vehicles are affected in this recall?

Over 35,000 Lincoln Navigator vehicles and over 163,000 Ford Expedition vehicles are included in this recall.

Is it safe for customers to still drive their vehicle?

Ford has not issued instructions to stop driving your vehicle under this safety recall.

Why isn’t Ford instructing customers to park outside like it did for the 2021 Ford Expedition® and Navigator® fire recall (22S36 and 22S48)?

There’s no need to park outside under this safety recall. That extra precaution applied to unrelated to safety recalls 22S36 and 22S48, which were approved in July and affected later-model-year Expedition and Navigator vehicles (2021 models) for a fire risk originating in the battery junction box located in the engine compartment. Because that recall involved an issue that could occur while the vehicle was parked with the engine off, customers were advised to park outside. This new safety recall (22S56) on 2015–2017 models is different and can only occur when the vehicle is on.

Which vehicles could be affected by this recall?

2015–2017 model-year Ford Expedition® and Lincoln Navigator® SUVs built between January 16, 2014, and June 30, 2017.

Weren’t these vehicles just recalled in July for an underhood fire risk?

No. That previous recall (22S36 and 22S48) affected certain 2021 model-year Expedition and Navigator vehicles for an engine compartment fire risk that could occur while the engine was off. This new safety recall (22S56) on earlier-model-year (2015–2017) vehicles is different, concerning the blower motor, and can only occur when the vehicle is on.

When will dealers be notified about the safety recall and the recommended fix?

Dealers will have full details on August 31, 2022.

When will you notify customers?

We will begin reaching out to customers on September 12, 2022.

Will there be a charge to customers?

There will be no charge for this service.

What is the Ford reference number for this recall?

The Ford reference number for this recall is 22S56.