How do I find the axle ratio and limited slip of my Ford?

To determine the axle ratio of your vehicle, locate the two-digit axle code first, then use your vehicle's towing guide to find the axle ratio that corresponds to that code. If your vehicle has a limited-slip differential, it will be noted as "Limited Slip."

The instructions below will walk you through the steps.

Step 1 - Locate the Axle Code

To find the axle code:

1. View the Safety Compliance Certification Label on the driver's side, front or rear door panel.
2. Find the word "AXLE" under the bar code.
3. Find the two-digit code under "AXLE."
Sample door jamb label with AXLE highlighted

Step 2 - Find the Axle Ratio

To locate the axle ratio after you have found the axle code:

  1. Visit the RV & Trailer Towing Guides page on the Ford Fleet website.
  2. Select the Towing Guide for your vehicle's model year. 

    Note: Rear axle ratios are available for 2008 and newer models. If you need the rear axle ratio for a vehicle produced before 2008, contact our Customer Relationship Center via Live Chat or call us at 1-800-392-3673.

  3. Refer to the Axle Ratio table to determine your rear axle ratio and limited slip.

Note: To search the Towing Guide, press CTRL + F to open a search box in your browser. You can then enter any term, such as "Axle Ratio," to search the guide.