When should I service my Ford vehicle's engine?

It is important to be on the lookout for key signs that your engine may need service, such as leaking fluids, smoke, and loud noises. At the first indication of engine trouble, be sure to schedule a service appointment with your Ford Dealer.

Refer to your Owner's Manual under the "Maintenance" section and the Ford Maintenance Schedule for scheduled maintenance information specific to your vehicle.

Signs Your Vehicle May Need Service

If you notice any of the symptoms below, schedule a service appointment with your preferred dealer immediately:

  • Engine leaking fluids
  • Loud engine noises
  • Smoke escaping from beneath the hood
  • Visible damage to an engine component
  • Dashboard engine icon not lighting up when the engine starts
  • Dashboard engine icon lighting up when the engine starts, but not turning off

To understand what the Check Engine light on your dash means and to get the related codes, contact a dealer.

Benefits of Regular Engine Maintenance

Your dealer plays a vital role in the life of your engine, which extends beyond the occasional repair. Bring your vehicle to the dealer for an evaluation before problems occur to help ensure your safety and peace of mind while on the road.  A properly maintained vehicle lasts longer and runs more efficiently than one that is not maintained.

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