How Do I Use 3D Printing to Customize My Ford Maverick Pickup?

The Ford Maverick® pickup is designed to let you be creative with the Ford Integrated Tether System (FITS).

FITS is a series of slots at the rear of the center console and the under-seat storage bins designed to be used with accessories. Not only will FITS work with Ford Accessories,* but also works with accessories owners create on their own with a 3D printer.

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Put Your Imagination to Work

Using your own 3D printer or a third-party service, you’ll be able to design accessories to use with FITS that fit your needs, meaning the options are endless to make your Maverick pickup your own. But there are a few guidelines our engineers recommend for creating your own accessories:

  • Make sure you create a breakaway feature so you don’t damage any part of the console
  • Maintain a maximum breakaway threshold of 17 lbs.
  • For heavier accessories, use the vehicle floor for additional support
  • You can also use the area surrounding the FITS slot for additional support
  • Properly secure your accessory and any stowed items to avoid them shifting or becoming loose during hard braking, acceleration or crashes, which could result in personal injury
  • See your Owner’s Manual for important information

We would like to invite you to customize your truck and create the Maverick accessories of your 3D dreams. Download these CAD files to get started today:
Download Center Console CAD file
Download Under Seat CAD file

*Available Ford accessories.