How much trailer weight can a Ford F-Series® tow?

Ford's Digital Towing Guide can help you choose the right truck for your towing needs. The guide allows you to filter choices by inputting trailer weight and payload specifications to understand the max towing capabilities of Ford trucks.

To see which Ford truck fits your towing needs:

  1. Visit the Digital Towing Guide page.
  2. Input your preferred vehicle configuration. For more accurate results, also include your trailer and payload information.
  3. Review the model options (F-150®, F-250®, etc.) and select the Options dropdown next to your preferred cab and bed configuration.
  4. Select your preferred engine.
  5. Select Specs to find out more about each engine or select Build to begin your order.

Important: The Digital Towing Guide is for educational and informational purposes only and guidance is based upon the accuracy of user input. We recommend you consult your Owner's Manual and refer to the door jamb label for specific capabilities of a particular vehicle. 

Additional Information

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