What is the status of my Ford vehicle order?

You can track your vehicle order status online* using the Ford Vehicle Order Tracking tool or by contacting the Ford Dealer where you ordered your vehicle.


  • Scheduling of vehicle orders for production is dependent upon Ford's planned production, customer demand, the order in which they were submitted (the oldest first), and the availability of high-demand options which might be restricted by the capacity of our suppliers.
  • Once a vehicle is scheduled for production, your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) will become available and no changes can be made to your order.

Accessing Your Vehicle Order Status Online

If your vehicle was ordered online, you can check the status using the following steps:

  1. Obtain your VIN and Order Number from your selling dealer.
  2. Visit the Vehicle Order Tracking page.
  3. Enter your Order Number and VIN.

    Note: The letters I, O, and Q are not included in a VIN to avoid confusion with the numbers 1 (One) and 0 (Zero).

  4. Select Accept & Track.

Accessing Your Vehicle Order Status at Your Selling Dealer

If your vehicle was ordered through a dealer, you will need to contact them for assistance obtaining your vehicle order status. 

Note: Dealers can also see orders that were placed online.

Additional Information

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*Some vehicles are unable to be tracked online. Tracking availability differs based on vehicle location, where your vehicle is in the build process, and if it is a new release. If you are unable to track your vehicle using the Ford Vehicle Order Tracking page, contact your selling dealer who may be able to provide further information