How To Add Leg Room or Cargo Space

Adding more room for backseat passengers and space for cargo is easy. Whether your vehicle is equipped with PowerFold® seats or seats that can be adjusted manually, creating more room only takes a few quick steps:

How To Adjust Back Row Leg Room

If your vehicle is equipped with power rear seats, they can be adjusted by pressing and holding the controls located on the side of each seat. If not, you can manually adjust them using the handles at the lower right of each seat.

  • Lift handle
  • Shift seat forward or backward

How To Adjust Seats For Cargo Space

You can easily create extra cargo space.

To move seats forward:

  • Lift the handle on the lower right of seat
  • Move the seat forward
  • Repeat with the other seat if needed

To fold seats forward:

  • Pull the lever on side of your seat back
  • Push the back of the empty seat forward
  • Repeat with the other seat if needed

If your vehicle has power seats:

  • Make sure the vehicle is in Park and your liftgate has been open less than 10 minutes
  • With your lift gate open, find the controls on the inside left rear quarter panel
  • Press and hold the upper control to lower the left seat back
  • Press and hold the lower control to lower the right seat back