Available Bronco SUV Trail Turn Assist: You've Got a Friend in Tight Spaces

On the trail, even the most experienced among us can use a little help when it's needed. So, when you're steering your Ford Bronco SUV in tight places, let Trail Turn Assist demonstrate its skill.

How Does Bronco Trail Turn Assist Work?

If you find yourself trying to navigate tight bends, or turn your Bronco SUV in narrow areas, just press the Trail Turn Assist button, located above the touchscreen on the Hero Switch Panel, to engage the system. With little effort from you, the system will reduce your turning radius by applying brakes to the inside rear wheel, provided you are engaging in low-speed high-steering-angle maneuvers.

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When Can Bronco Trail Turn Assist Be Used?

Trail Turn Assist can only be used when your vehicle's 4x4 system is in the Four-Wheel-Drive High (4H) or Four-Wheel-Drive Low (4L) mode and the rear locking differential is disengaged (if equipped), its speed is less than 12 mph (19.3 km/h), and the steering wheel is almost fully turned to the left or right.

Note: Do not use Trail Turn Assist on dry, hard-surfaced roads. Doing so can produce excessive noise, increase tire wear and may damage driveline or braking components. Trail Turn Assist is only intended for slippery or loose surfaces.

How to Turn Off Bronco Trail Turn Assist

You can turn off Trail Turn Assist by pressing the Trail Turn Assist button located above the touchscreen on the Hero Switch Panel, by selecting Two-Wheel-Drive High or Four-Wheel- Drive Auto or by switching on the rear locking differential.