Ford Bronco™ Sport Lift Gate Floodlights

Computer-generated image shown.

When the sun goes down on a day in the outdoors or when you simply need some added illumination, your Ford Bronco Sport lift gate adjustable flood lamps amply deliver.

How to Use and Adjust the Bronco Sport Flood Lamps

Your adjustable floodlights are conveniently located in the liftgate.

To use them:

  • Open the liftgate
  • Press the button on the left-hand side of the cargo area to switch the rear floodlights on

To adjust them:

  • Floodlights can be manually rotated to direct light closer to or further away from the rear of the vehicle

To turn them off:

You can turn off your floodlights using the switch. However, for your convenience, they will:

  • Shut off automatically approximately 30 minutes after you switch them on
  • After they time out twice, you will need to start the vehicle before you can switch them on again
  • The rear floodlights will turn off when the liftgate is closed