Brake Service Advice

Ford techs know brakes.

Brakes are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. So, trust Ford techs for expert care. Since brakes are designed to slowly wear as you use them, regular maintenance of your entire brake system is so important. Visit your Ford Dealer and we'll start with a thorough inspection to determine if your vehicle needs any maintenance.

How to spot worn brakes.

The more you use your brakes, the faster they wear out. If you feel grinding, experience a squishy brake pedal or steering wheel shudder, these are warning signs. Or you may not experience anything different, so it’s important to get routine brake inspections at your Ford Dealer.

What happens during a brake inspection?

We’ll check each brake for pad wear, check the rotors for rough spots and look for signs of damage like cracks or warping. How often should you have a brake inspection? Depending on your driving habits, operating conditions and vehicle type, your service intervals can vary. Schedule a brake inspection at your Ford Dealer.

The right parts. Motorcraft® brake pads and drums.

Our Ford techs use original Motorcraft parts designed and engineered for Ford vehicles, delivering optimum performance.

Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee*

Motorcraft brake products are backed by a Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee. If your Motorcraft brake pads wear down to less than three millimeters, we can replace them for as long as you own your vehicle. Schedule brake service.