Where You’re Going, You Don’t Need Doors

Your Ford Bronco SUV was built for the outdoors. So much so, you can actually take the doors off* to experience nature unbridled while driving off road. Your Bronco vehicle features a tool kit in your glove box that has everything you need to remove them.

How To Remove And Store Ford Bronco Doors

Watch this video to learn how to properly remove and store the doors of your Ford Bronco SUV.  For more step-by-step instructions and tips, take a look below the video.

Note: Doors are heavy; use caution when removing them.

  1. Turn the ignition to the accessory mode position.
  2. Fully open the windows on the doors being removed.
  3. Turn the ignition to the off position.
  4. Fold mirrors forward completely before removing the front doors.
  5. Fully open the door being removed.
  6. Locate the fender and door protectors in the tool pouch; install one over the fender edge near the upper door hinge and the other on the door edge near the bottom door hinge; see your Owner’s Manual for specific placement.
  7. Open the wire connector door to release the connector, then pull the connector from the body.
  8. Make sure the connector door is seated in the closed position.
  9. Place the door storage bag on the door being removed, if equipped.
  10. Using the provided hex tool, loosen and remove the lower hinge bolt.
  11. Loosen and remove the upper hinge bolt.
  12. Lift the door vertically, using the lower lift handle and exterior door handle to separate it from the vehicle.
  13. Secure bag by zipping it shut.

Things To Remember When Removing Ford Bronco Doors

Adventure calls, but before you head out, remember the following:

  1. If storing doors on board with the optional storage bags: remove left rear door first, if equipped; remove left front door second; remove right front door third and right rear door last.
  2. Make sure the storage bag is fully secured; the bag must cover the edge and corners of the door to prevent accidental door damage before proceeding with the removal of the door.
  3. Store hinge bolts in the pocket of the tool pouch.
  4. Rear seat occupant alert will not function with doors removed.
  5. Return mirrors to the driving position before driving.

*Removal of doors for off-road use only.