What do I do if the Bluetooth® disconnects while using Phone As A Key™?

A Ford Power-Up Software Update will be available later this year (2021) to resolve potential Bluetooth disconnection when you are using Phone As A Key to unlock or start your vehicle.

If you prefer to receive the update sooner:

  1. Confirm your vehicle is eligible for CSP 21B36 at ​ford.com/support​ by logging in or entering your VIN.
  2. If this update applies to your VIN and you prefer to receive the software update sooner, Ford has authorized dealers to perform this update free of charge.  
  3. You can elect to:
    • Have a Mobile Repair technician come to your vehicle's location
    • Utilize our vehicle Pickup & Delivery service, where available
    • Drop your vehicle off at the dealership

In the meantime, you can still unlock and start your vehicle using its key fob or the keypad on the door, and you can start your vehicle using the Backup Start Passcode.

Here are some tips to optimize the Phone As A Key Feature:

  • Always keep the FordPass® App open in the background (e.g., if you force close the FordPass app, be sure to re-open before trying to use the feature).
  • Ensure FordPass App location permissions are set to Always On in your phone's app settings, not just Only While Using.
  • When in your vehicle, keep your phone close to the center console to ensure the phone is detected when starting the vehicle.