How do I know when my vehicle is charging?

The PHEV landing page displays your vehicle charging status. The following defines the charge statuses:

  • Unplugged - Vehicle is not plugged in.
  • Plugged In Not Charging - Vehicle is plugged in but not yet charging, could be waiting for a Charging Time Window, or for you to enable charge in the station (pay/press button).
  • Charging - Vehicle is charging.
  • Target Charge Reached - Vehicle has charged to the level desired by the user or 100% for unsaved locations.
  • Preconditioning - Cabin temperature is being preconditioned by using the external wall power, thus vehicle is plugged in.
  • Fast Charging – Vehicle is charging in a DC fast charge station.
  • Charge Station Paused – Charging was paused on charge station side.
  • Not Compatible – Charge Station is not compatible with Vehicle.
  • Charge Fault – Vehicle has detected a charge fault (internal or external).
  • Out and About – Vehicle is moving.