Where can I view my oil life in the FordPass® App?

To use the Oil Life feature in FordPass:

  • You must have a vehicle added to FordPass. 
  • Your vehicle must be equipped with the FordPass Connect™ 4G modem
  • Your FordPass Connect modem must be activated.  
  • Your vehicle must support the Intelligent Oil Life Monitor feature within the instrument cluster. 
  • You must be willing to share your vehicle's Connected Vehicle Data with Ford Motor Company.

To view your Oil Life in FordPass:

  1. Navigate to the Vehicle landing page. 
  2. Select the Status header.
  3. Tap the Oil Life icon.

Note: In order to view the oil life remaining, estimated service date, and estimated mileage before service will appear if prediction is available (this means that data points due to consistent driving behaviors are being detected by Ford and you live in an area with good reception.)

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