How do I use the Park Services in FordPass®?

There are multiple ways to search for Parking within FordPass. Ensure that your Location Services are set to On. If not, the app will prompt a display to enable the feature before your search begins. 

To manually find parking:

  1. Navigate to the Map landing page. 
  2. Select Parking
  3. To manually input a location, click on the map.
  4. Tap the Search Here tab to pinpoint your desired location. 

To use the category search:

  1. Navigate to the Map landing page.
  2. Select Parking.
  3. Enter your desired location into the Search Box.
  4. You will see the following category options:
    • Current Location
    • Vehicle Location (if you have a Connected Vehicle)
    • Favorites
    • Recent Searches
  5. Select the More Like This button for additional Park searches.