How do I transfer vehicle ownership using FordPass®?

In order to use the Transfer Vehicle Ownership feature in the app, you must:

  • Have your vehicle added to FordPass.
  • Both seller and buyer must be FordPass Members. 

To complete the self-service transfer of ownership in the app, use the following steps:

The Selling Member 

  1. Navigate to the Vehicle landing page.
  2. Scroll down and select Service History.
    • If your vehicle is equipped with an embedded modem, select the Service & Support tab.
  3. Select the Transfer button.
  4. Input the Buying Member's eMail.
    • Only emails associated with a FordPass or Lincoln Way account will be verified by the system.
      • If your buyer does not have a FordPass account, click here
  5. Depending on the result of verification, the following outcomes are possible:
    • The eMail address entered is not valid.
    • The eMail address is valid, but not associated with any FordPass or Lincoln Way account.
    • If the eMail is valid and associated with an account, the Transfer button will turn blue. 
  6. Select Transfer.
  7. The Transfer Pending notification should appear.
    • This will inform you of any expectations and the number of days the Buying Member has to accept your request. 
  8. Your app will now say Transfer Pending in the Service History page. 

The Buying Member
After the Selling Member completes the transfer request:

  1. You should receive a Transfer of Ownership notification.
    • It will inform you that you have 10 days to accept the transfer.
  2. Open the notification.
  3. Select View Details.
  4. Tap the box if you agree to the conditions stated.
  5. Select Submit.
  6. You should receive a successful screen.
  7. If the vehicle is equipped with an embedded modem, you will be prompted to complete a Master Reset.

If for any reason the request expires before the Buying Member accepts, the Selling Member can send another request and restart the process. Please contact a Guide if you experience difficulties with the self transfer service.