How do I join FordPass® Rewards?

When you download the FordPass™ App, or enroll online at, and accept the FordPass Terms and Conditions, you automatically become a member of FordPass Rewards.

If you are already using FordPass, you will be automatically enrolled in FordPass Rewards when you accept the FordPass Terms and Conditions. If you joined FordPass prior to March 2019, you will need to accept the new Terms and Conditions to be enrolled in FordPass rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up for FordPass Rewards without an email address?
No. You cannot sign up for FordPass Rewards without an email address.

Do I need to own a Ford vehicle to participate in FordPass Rewards?
No. You can still enjoy all the benefits of FordPass Rewards without owning a Ford vehicle. Points are associated with an account, not a vehicle.

Can I share a FordPass Rewards account with my family?
 No. FordPass Rewards accounts are based on the individual account owner.

Do I have to use the FordPass App to earn Rewards?
No. You can earn FordPass Rewards at your participating Ford Dealer and view your account online at However, you a need a Ford Account to participate. The FordPass App is necessary to complete FordPass Connect modem activation for modem-equipped vehicles to earn Points for complimentary maintenance with vehicle purchase.

If I have more than one FordPass Rewards account, can I combine the accounts or redeem then from more than one account on a single transaction?
No. Accounts may not be combined and you may only redeem from one account on a single repair order or transaction.

Can I combine my account with the account of a family member or friend?
No. Accounts may not be combined and any earning and redemption is separate.

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The FordPass App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available through a free download. Message and data rates may apply.