What is the Ford BlueOval Charge Network?

Ford combines multiple charging networks to give our all-electric vehicle customers easy access to the largest North American (US & Canada) public charging network, and growing.*  

Your Ford electric vehicle (EV) gives you access to the BlueOval Charge Network, no matter when you buy your vehicle, with no annual fee.

You can access any charger in the network via the FordPass®** App or through the Public Charging App on the SYNC®† touchscreen. You can find which charging stations are available, check out the cost to charge, and pay for charging. 

BlueOval Charge Network Providers

Network providers include:

  • Ford Charge
  • Tesla Superchargers 
  • Electrify America®  
  • Shell Recharge™
  • ChargePoint®
  • EVgo
  • EV Connect™
  • Blink
  • FLO®
  • Electric Circuit 
  • Red E
  • Francis Energy

Electrify America and Tesla Superchargers support a seamless charging experience with Ford Plug & Charge.

Additional Information

How do I activate the BlueOval Charge Network? 
How do I pay for public charging? 

*Based on original equipment manufacturers(OEM)/automotive manufacturers that sell all-electric vehicles and have active charging networks. Department of Energy data as of January 15, 2024. Numbers subject to change. FordPass,® compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available via a download. Message and data rates may apply.

**The FordPass App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available through a free download. Message and data rates may apply.

Don’t drive while distracted. Use voice-operated systems when possible; don’t use handheld devices while driving. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones.