How do I set a Ford Assistant Wake Word with SYNC®* 4A and SYNC 4?

Personalize your Ford Assistant experience by setting a Wake Word using the steps below.

Note: To use a Wake Word with Ford Assistant, make sure you have enabled the Wake Word feature.

To change your Wake Word:

  1. Select Settings on your vehicle's SYNC screen.
  2. Tap Voice from the Settings menu.
  3. Press Preferred Wake Word in the Voice menu.
  4. Select your Preferred Wake Word from the list.

    Note: You can select the “i” icon to the right to be provided a brief description of the Preferred Wake Word option.

Additional Information

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*Don’t drive while distracted. Use voice-operated systems when possible; don’t use handheld devices while driving.  Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear.  Not all features are compatible with all phones.