Ford BlueCruise Data Privacy Frequently Asked Questions

What is your position on the collection of data from the car?
Ford is committed to protecting customer privacy, ensuring transparency, and obtaining appropriate consent in the collection and use of all customer data.

Do I get a chance to approve your access to or use of my data?
Yes. Ford is committed to protecting your privacy and ensures appropriate consent is obtained in the collection and use of all customer data.

Are there cases where your vehicles wirelessly transmit speed or location information to you or anyone else?
Yes. Ford can receive speed and location data from connected vehicles if you provide appropriate consent.

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How do your technologies wirelessly transmit data?
Ford vehicles wirelessly transmit data in various ways, depending on the feature or service such as: 

  • Wi-Fi
  • Embedded modem cellular modem
  • Wired or plugged-in cellular devices
  • Cellular connection brought in from your devices using Applink

What types of driving history information can be collected by these technologies?

  • Data described that is collected onboard the vehicle.
  • Data is only available with direct physical access to the vehicle such as performing service.
  • The date for SYNC and wireless software updates is only provided to Ford or a third-party service provider in order to fulfill your request after you agree to provide the data, which is transferred through a cellular modem.

Are you concerned that law enforcement agencies could retrieve stored data and violate a person's privacy?
Ford is committed to protecting our customers' privacy. If Ford does not have the customer's data, we would require consent from the owner of the vehicle to provide data based on sufficient legal authority such as valid subpoena, court order, or law enforcement warrant.

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