Why should I use Ford original equipment manufacturer parts after an accident?

Damage to an individual part can weaken or compromise other components and systems. The parts your vehicle was made with are best replaced by equivalent parts made for that vehicle – original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

What makes OEM parts better?

It pays to go with OEM parts because they are:

  • Specifically engineered for the vehicle model they work on. From design to testing to manufacturing. This means teams of people have worked together to create the right parts right off the line.
  • Put through rigorous testing to meet the highest governmental safety standards. Components are not only tested independently but also with other parts in Ford integrated vehicle systems.
  • Delivered with a strict adherence to specifications and made with the same type of materials used originally. This helps ensure a consistency of quality that can be counted on.
  • Made to ease the repair process. With the right fit out of the box and detailed repair procedures, you can be confident in what goes into getting your vehicle back on the road.

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