What do I do if there are LED lights showing an error with my Ford Connected Charge Station?

Ford Connected Charge Stations have an LED status light that can alert you if it needs an update or is unlocked.

If your charge station has an LED indicator error message, follow the steps below.

Solid, red bar of LED lights

During Wi-Fi configuration, the Ford Connected Charge Station screen may show a full bar of red LED lights for three minutes due to a new software update. This is not a malfunction; you can continue using the charge station. It will be fixed in a future firmware update.

Flashing, single blue LED light

Ford Connect Charge Stations are shipped in a default unlocked state and can only be locked when connected features are enabled through setup.

When in a locked state:

  • The charge station will display a flashing, single blue LED light at the center of the bar.

  • It will not charge the vehicle until unlocked.
  • It may display this state even when connected features are not enabled through setup.

If your charge station is displaying the default unlocked status message and:

Note: If that does not work, contact the Customer Relationship Center at 800-392-3673.

  • You have not completed the set-up process, turn your charge station circuit breaker off and back on again. The charge station should unlock and display a single, solid blue LED light at the center of the bar to indicate the Ford Connected Charge Station is powered on, unlocked, and ready to charge.
    • If you do not see that lighting configuration, try turning the circuit breaker off and on three times.
    • If cycling the circuit breaker three times does not resolve the issue, take your vehicle to an Electric Vehicle-Certified Ford Dealership for further troubleshooting.

Additional Information

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