How do I tow my Ford F-150 Lightning truck?

The F-150 Lightning is a four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle and requires that all wheels be off the ground while being towed using a wheel lift and dollies or flatbed equipment. Vehicle damage could occur if towed incorrectly or by any other means.  WARNING: Do not attempt to pull/tow the F-150 Lightning with wheels on the ground as this may cause the vehicle to generate electricity and can cause potential damage.

If you need to tow your vehicle, we recommend that you contact Ford Roadside Assistance or another professional towing service.

Additional information about towing your F-150 Lightning is available in the "Towing / Transportation / Storage" section of the F-150 Lightning Rescue Card on the Ford Media website.

Moving a Damaged F-150 Lightning

If your F-150 Lightning has been damaged, contact Ford Roadside Assistance or another professional towing service. 

Important: See the First Responder Resource page of the Ford website for important warnings and instructions for handling and transporting a damaged F-150 Lightning and other Ford Electric Vehicles.

Additional Information

F-150 Lightning Towing FAQ