How do I set the maximum charge level for my Ford electric vehicle?

To set the maximum charge level for your electric vehicle:

  1. Press the Home icon on your vehicle's SYNC screen.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Press Charge.
  4. Use the slider to toggle Charging Locations on, if it is not already.
  5. Press the pencil icon next to Charging Locations to edit the information.
  6. You will see a button to + Add New Location, as well as locations you have already setup.

Note: If you have not setup a charging location, refer to How do I setup a SYNC 4A charging location?

  1. Press the pencil to the right of a set charging location.
  2. Use the slider next to Max Charge Level to set the maximum charge state.
    Important: Ford recommends setting the Max Charge Level to no more than 90%. This will help prolong battery life.
  3. Press Next.
  4. Press Next again to save your edits.

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