Charging at Home

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Every new Ford all-electric vehicle comes with switchable home-charging options — each of which is easy and reliable.

How do I charge my electric vehicle at home?

Charging your vehicle is as simple as charging your phone. You can even charge overnight with the available Ford Mobile Charger on a 120V wall outlet or a 240V wall outlet. To maximize your home charging speed and connected features at home, you can purchase the Ford Connected Charge Station and its on-demand 48 amps of power.

Ford Connected Charge Station

If you own or plan to order a 240V/48-amp hardwired Ford Connected Charge Station, you can make sure your EV is charged and ready to go as quickly as possible from home. It is strongly recommended that you have a trained, licensed electrician install your unit. For more information and to find a licensed installation expert, visit Qmerit.

Ford Mobile Charger With 240V Wall Outlet

The available Ford Mobile Charger can be plugged into any 240V wall outlet.

Ford Mobile Charger With 120V Wall Outlet

For simple charging, your electric vehicle can be plugged into a standard home or garage 120V wall outlet.

Ensure Your Ford Mobile Charger Is Connected

When plugging in the Ford Mobile Charger, be sure the connector is flush. You will hear a click when it is fully inserted. If your charger is not flush, you may see a yellow light and your vehicle will not charge.

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How long does it take to charge my vehicle at home?

Charge time depends on whether you are using the Ford Mobile Charger or the aftermarket Ford Connected Charge Station. We always recommend you give your vehicle battery ample time to charge and suggest overnight charging, when possible.

Can I install the Ford Connected Charge Station myself?

A Ford Connected Charge Station can be ordered online through the Ford Chargers website.

Where can I find the FordPass App?

The FordPass App is available through the App Store® and at Google Play and there is no charge.

  1. aFordPass, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available through a free download. Message and data rates may apply.
  2. bThis is an independent company and is solely responsible for products and services it provides.