Ford Hybrid Vehicles

From family haulers to jobsite workhorses, you won’t have to choose between gas or electric. You can get the best parts of both.
A Ford F-150® hybrid at work on a farm

Optimize Your Drive

Hybrid technology uses both a gas engine and an electric motor. You get the long-distance peace of mind that gas power delivers. For shorter everyday trips, you’ll see many benefits of electrification—including potential fuel economy savings over comparable gas-powered models. Ford Maverick® and Ford F-150® offer multiple hybrid models. In addition to basic hybrids, Ford Escape® also offers a Plug-In Hybrid for daily electric-only driving.

How Hybrids Work

Ford hybrid vehicles harness innovative and intelligent technology for exceptional driving convenience.
An Escape® Plug-In Hybrid being loaded at the door of a storefront

Plug In and Level Up

Between regular hybrids and a full EV, an Escape Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) gives you impressive all-electric EPA-estimated range.* This means, for most daily driving, you can get by on battery power most of the time. You’ll also have gas-engine convenience for the occasional longer trips.