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Choose from three roof heights, three body lengths, and Chassis Cab, Cutaway and Cargo Van models


The best-selling commercial van brand in the U.S. * is helping lead business into the future. Introducing the all-new, U.S.-assembled Ford E-Transit van. ** The only electric work van that has the backing of the Ford Motor Company. That means an entire ecosystem of products, software and charging solutions that will allow you to smoothly transition to the future of business.
Computer-generated image shown. Available early 2022.
*Based on the total U.S. reported sales (1979-2019CY). Includes Ford E-Series, formerly called Econoline, Van and Chassis, Club Wagon; Transit Connect Cargo Van and Passenger Wagon; Transit Cargo Van, Passenger Van and Chassis.
**Assembled in the USA with domestic and foreign parts.


By leveraging more than 30 million miles of Ford Pro Telematics* data, we learned that the average daily range from commercial vans in the U.S. is 74 miles. Of course, we also understand that there are days when those distances are higher and recognize the need to adjust for factors such as cold weather. We consequently designed E-Transit with a targeted 126 miles of range (Cargo Van low-roof models). **

* Available on vehicles with embedded modem or equipped with approved plug‐in device (PID). May require modem activation. Ford Pro Telematics and Ford Data Services require a purchased subscription. Terms and conditions apply. Telematics service and features, and access to vehicle data, depend on subscription and compatible AT&T network availability. Evolving technology/cellular networks/vehicle capability may limit functionality and prevent operation of connected features.

**Based on a full charge. USA targeted range reflecting current capability based on analytical projection consistent with US EPA MCT drive cycle methodology ( test procedure forEVs-PHEVs-11-14-2017.pdf). Actual range varies with conditions such as external elements, driving behaviors, vehicle maintenance and lithium-ion battery age. Available early 2022.

Close up on lit up 2022 Ford E-Transit active charging port with charger plugged in


One size never fits all. That’s why we offer so many choices in electric work vans. Just like the gas-powered Transit Cargo Van, the E-Transit models come in three lengths and three roof heights. It’s also available in chassis cab and cutaway models. Which means it adds eight all-electric configurations to the already best-in-class* total offered by the current gas model.

Computer-generated image shown. Available early 2022.

*Class is full-size vans.


Ford Pro Charging is a tailored charging plan and delivers a complete solution. The only North American solutions provider that combines light-duty commercial electric vehicles (EV’s) chargers, and a single source for design/build services.* Backed by the largest public charging network in North America,** we are offering an ecosystem of charging solutions to meet your needs. Whether your fleet of vehicles is at the depot, on the road or at home, we have you covered.

*Based on latest competitive data available (August 5, 2021).

**Based on original equipment manufacturers (OEM)/automotive manufacturers that sell all-electric vehicles and have publicly announced charging networks. Department of Energy data used and based on the latest competitive data available (August 5, 2021).

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We don’t just build vehicles. We help drive business. Imagine combining the world-class cars, trucks, vans and SUVs you need to build your fleet with the service options, financing flexibility and telematics data you need to manage it. With Ford Pro, you can do just that and:

  • Shop for and finance a fleet that suits your specific business needs
  • Improve fleet uptime through new service and maintenance options
  • Manage all-electric vehicle charging with E-Telematics*
*Eligible vehicles receive a complimentary three-year trial of E-Telematics services that begins on the new vehicle warranty start date. Requires modem activation. Terms and conditions apply. Telematics service and features, and access to vehicle data depend on compatible AT&T network availability. Evolving technology/cellular networks/vehicle capability may limit functionality and prevent operation of connected features. After the three-year trial, annual service contract is required for E-Telematics service. Go to or 1-833-811-3673 to activate E-Telematics service.

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We built the E-Transit model to help you build your business. So, whether it’s helping to reduce operating costs or helping you take on jobs other people can’t, you can feel confident the E-Transit van has your back. 
Computer-generated image shown. Available early 2022. Preproduction computer-generated image shown. Available late 2021.
Man plugging a parked 2022 Ford E-Transit with Lucia’s Bakery and Cafe decal into nearby charging station


We’ve packed the E-Transit van with smart technology features, many of which can be accessed through the vehicle’s convenient and standard 12-inch touchscreen. So whether you’re looking to get easy-to-access vehicle information or find ways to maximize productivity, we’ve got solutions to help you stay connected on the go and on the job.


The 2022 E-Transit van is designed to offer an impressive driving experience with available driver-assist technology that helps keep the driver confident while navigating crowded roads, could help improve their driving habits, and help them drive more efficiently.10 It will make you and the people who drive for you feel comfortable and in command and help control your bottom line.
Computer-generated image. Available early 2022.
2022 Ford E-Transit being driven around curved road near city


We're committed to you and your business. So, when you trust Ford for your commercial vehicle needs, you have the backing of a company that has not only been America's best-selling line of commercial vehicles for 35 straight years,* but one that strives to be a leader in the future of work, including electrification. And we're just getting started.
*Based on IHS Markit CY1985-2019 US TIPNet Registrations excluding registrations to individuals. TIP Registrations prior to 2010 do not include all GVW 1 and 2 vehicles.
Several Ford Transit vehicles parked in front of a Ford Commercial Vehicle Center