How do I change my Ford's windshield wiper blades?

Before you start

  • Get two new wiper blade inserts of the correct length. You can find your windshield wiper blade part number in your Owner's Manual. It will be listed under "Capacities and Specifications > Motorcraft* Parts > Windshield Wiper Blade."
  • Grab a pair of needle-nose pliers.
  • Park your vehicle and set the parking brake.

To change your wiper blades

  1. Turn the vehicle key to on, engine off, and turn on the wipers.
  2. Turn the ignition off when the blades are vertical on the windshield so that they’re both accessible.
    Note: You’ll be working with the wiper arm, which is usually metal, and the wiper blade insert, the rubber piece that fits into the wiper arm’s grooves.
  3. Carefully pull the wiper arms away from the windshield. When you pull far enough, they will lock into the service position, so you do not have to hold them.
    Note: If your wipers do not automatically lock into the service position, you may need to manually pull out the locking tab at the base of the wiper arm, where the arm connects to the pivot.
  4. Starting with the driver’s-side arm, turn the blade at an angle from the wiper arm.
  5. Squeeze the blade’s lock pin/tab on the bottom of the arm to release the wiper blade (a pair of needle-nose pliers can help with stubborn blades). Then slide the blade out to remove it from the arm.
  6. Attach the new wiper blade to the wiper arm by sliding it through the wiper arm’s channel. Press it into place by pulling the tab through the bottom of the arm. When you hear the tab click, it’s installed.
  7. Repeat steps 5 through 7 for the passenger-side blade.

*Motorcraft is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.