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Understanding Your Ford Credit Billing Statement

Maybe you already get statements for a cell phone, cable bill or credit card.  Your Ford Credit billing statement works the same way by showing payments received, the next payment amount due, and the due date.  As an extra benefit to financing with Ford Credit, your statement may include offers for oil changes, service visits and even your next new vehicle.

Paper or paperless 

Your first billing statement will be paper, mailed, and arrive approximately 15 – 20 days before the first payment is due.  Future billing statements will continue to be paper unless you access Account Manager and set an online preference to go paperless.

Scroll down to learn more about the different parts of your statement.

Account information

At the top is your account number and vehicle information: year/make/model and VIN.

  • Lease invoices include a lease-end date
  • Retail invoices include a payoff amount

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Last payment and payoff amount

This section will show payment(s) received during the last billing cycle, and how the payment was applied.  Check to verify this information matches your records.

Amount due and next payment date

This section will show the due date and total amount due including fees or late charges, if applicable.

Detachable remittance coupon
If you plan to mail a payment, detach the bottom coupon and send in the provided envelope 5 to 7 days before the due date.  See a complete list of payment options here

Important messages

The right side of the billing statement is where to look for promotional news, service discount offers, or tips for purchasing your next vehicle.

Back of Statement

Your statement has two sides.  On the back you will find the address for mailing payments, how to submit dispute correspondence, where to send bankruptcy notices or correspondence, and more.  

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