2021 Mustang


The Apex of Precision and Speed

A 2021 Mustang will pin you to your seat. Take it for a spin on a course with lots of white-knuckle curves and then, for good measure, subject it to some less-than-perfect road surfaces. That’s where you’ll discover how its independent suspension and selectable power-assisted steering deliver crisp, responsive performance while the available MagneRide® Damping System helps smooth out the rough spots.

MagneRide is a trademarked technology of BWI Group.


A 2021 Ford Mustang Mach one on a track being driven around a curve
A 2021 Ford Mustang being driven with a blurred background

A Gripping Performance

Available with the 2.3L High-Performance Package, the EcoBoost® Handling Package is for anyone who likes sharp turns and spirited driving. It comes complete with 19" x 9.5" aluminum wheels, Pirelli® Corsa4 tires, MagneRide® Damping System and a 3.55 TORSEN® limited-slip rear axle.

MagneRide is a trademarked technology of BWI Group.

TORSEN is a registered trademark of JTEKT Corporation.

One with the Road

The standard base suspension on Mustang is primed for responsive handling. Independent
components add to the feeling of control you get with a Mustang and create a steady ride


A 2021 Ford Mustang being driven on the open road with an ocean in the background

MagneRide® Damping System

When road conditions change, the available MagneRide® Damping System responds – 1,000 times per second for each damper. The result is a smooth, balanced ride and the confidence to perform at your limits.
MagneRide is a trademarked technology of BWI Group.
A 2021 Ford Mustang mach one being driven on a track

Personalize Your Drive

With available selectable drive modes, you control vehicle driving dynamics. Simply flick a toggle switch on the center stack, and handling and response are adjusted based on your selection. Choices are Normal, Slippery, Sport, Track or Drag Strip.
Split screen with a 2021 Ford Mustang steering wheel on the left and the center console on the right

Smoothing Out Your Ride

The integral link, independent rear suspension helps minimize body roll and isolate road imperfections for a responsive ride and precise handling. Aluminum-alloy rear knuckles and H-arms help reduce unsprung mass.
A 2021 Ford Mustang being driven past a school

Stop and Be Admired

Mustang provides the braking power to keep its high-powered performance in check.

Selectable Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS)

Three power-assist settings provide the type of steering control you want when you want it.

Comfort: The least amount of steering effort. Perfect for everyday driving.

Normal: A balance between Comfort and Sport when you want to engage more, but still want some level of steering ease.

Sport: Requires increased steering effort, delivering a more immediate connection to the road.


Split screen with a steering wheel on the left and the Mustang center console with selectable electric power assisted steering on the right