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2018 C-MAX Smart

Smart. Simple to use.

Add convenience to your driving experience. Available active park assist takes the stress out of parallel parking. Available Intelligent Access with push-button start makes it simple to get into your vehicle and start it when your key is in your pocket or purse. And SmartGauge®  with EcoGuide helps you drive more efficiently.
2018 Ford C-MAX SmartGauge with EcoGuide

SmartGauge® with EcoGuide

SmartGauge with EcoGuide offers a multitude of customizable LCD displays that help you understand how changing your driving habits can have a direct effect on maximizing vehicle efficiency. Content such as the Energy History, Energy Coach and Efficiency Leaves work together to help you monitor and improve your driving performance over time.

2018 Ford C-MAX Intelligent Access with Push-Button Start

Intelligent Access with Push-Button Start

Simply have the available Intelligent Access key in your pocket or purse, then touch the door handle. Once inside, press the brake pedal and then the start button. Shift into gear and go.
2018 Ford C-MAX with available Active Park Assist

Available Active Park Assist

While you’re driving slowly near parallel parking spots, simply activate available active park assist10 and it looks for a parking spot. Ultrasonic sensors measure the distance to the curb and between parked cars. Once an appropriate spot is identified, you’re signaled to stop and accept the system’s assistance. You control the shifting, accelerating and braking.

2018 Ford C-MAX with available Rain-Sensing Wipers

Available Rain-Sensing Wipers

The available rain-sensing wipers on C-MAX Hybrid turn on when rain or snow is detected on the windshield. You can select the sensitivity level.*

*When activated by the driver. Wipers must be turned off before entering a car wash.

2018 C-MAX

Standard Rear View Camera

Put the gear selector in Reverse and the rear view camera10 automatically transmits the image of what’s behind you to your screen when you’re slowly backing up. The rear view camera is standard on all models.

2018 C-MAX


The MyKey feature lets you program a restricted driving mode to help good driving habits.

  • The restricted driving mode is activated by using a MyKey to operate the vehicle
  • You can make all but one of the keys a MyKey via simple setup menus
  • The Admin key (non-MyKey) can be used to create a MyKey, program optional MyKey settings and disable the MyKey feature
  • When the MyKey feature is enabled, the user can utilize System Check in the message center to see how many MyKeys and Admin keys are programmed to the vehicle, and how many total miles have been driven with the MyKey active

The few minutes it takes to program a MyKey through the vehicle’s message center will give you peace of mind when lending your vehicle to your child or a friend, or when a valet is parking it.