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Powered exclusively by a lithium-ion battery, the 2014 Ford Focus Electric has an EPA-estimated rating of 110 city MPGe.* The Focus Electric is now available to own at one of our Certified Electric Vehicle (EV) Dealers. Ask your tax advisor to see if you may be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 for this vehicle. There may also be state and local tax incentives.

*Actual mileage will vary. MPGe is the EPA equivalent measure of gasoline fuel efficiency for electric mode operation.

Enjoy Gas-Free Driving.

The Focus Electric gets all of its power from a state-of-the-art 23 kWh liquid-cooled, lithium-ion battery. It has an EPA-estimated range of 76 gas-free miles on each charge and is engineered to reach a top speed of 84 mph.* The all-electric motor is designed to help reduce energy loss and heat generation while reducing your carbon footprint.

* EPA-estimated. Actual range varies with conditions such as external elements, driving behaviors, vehicle maintenance, and lithium-ion battery age.

Enjoy Gas-Free Driving.

Electric cars explained

Discover the differences, find out how they work, get tips on picking the right one for your lifestyle and more.

Electric cars explained

Brake Coach

To help you optimize the use of the regenerative brakes, use your Brake Coach in the left 4.2-inch screen to maximize the range of your Focus Electric.

Brake Coach

Staying Connected

  • SYNC® with MyFord Touch® technology
  • Connectivity to your music, navigation and favorite devices
  • Also offers a unique level of customization

Staying Connected

The Heart of It All

  • A 23kWh, high-voltage, lithium-ion battery system
  • Advanced liquid heating/cooling regulates battery temperature
  • Helps maximize battery life and miles from each charge

The Heart of It All

Eco-Conscious Interior

  • For Focus Electric, eco-conscious comes standard
  • Seat fabric made with REPREVE® fiber, from 100% recycled materials
  • Cushions are made of bio-based foam derived from plant seed oils

REPREVE is a registered trademark of Unifi, Inc.

It’s Just as Smart as Your Smartphone

  • MyFord® Mobile app* from Ford
  • Monitor and schedule the charging of your Focus Electric
  • Find the nearest charging stations

*MyFord Mobile subscription complimentary for five years from vehicle sale date as recorded by the dealer. Subscription fees apply after five years. MyFord Mobile requires a compatible 2G independent cellular network. Evolving technology and cellular networks may affect future functionality.

240-Volt Charging Station

  • A 240-volt home charging station is available for purchase with or without installation services from AeroVironment
  • For installation, an AeroVironment-affiliated electrician will perform an electrical audit and then install the 240-volt charging station
  • The electrician will handle everything, including securing the required permits
  • If you like, you can have a preferred electrician install the AeroVironment charging station or one offered by Leviton®
  • Both units are branded by Ford Motor Company and can be hardwired or plugged into a 240-volt outlet for nonpermanent installation, easy removal or replacement
  • For more information, please call 1-888-219-6747 or visit evsolutions.com/ford

Plan Your Trip With EcoRoute

  • Map-based Navigation System
  • Find the most economical way to get to your destination
  • Get the most mileage out of each charge

Regenerative Braking

  • Helps to achieve maximum energy efficiency
  • Captures over 90% of energy lost through friction brakes
  • Recycles energy to recharge battery

Blue Light Means “Go”

  • Charge port illuminates when connector cord is plugged in
  • Indicates that it's connected and charging
  • Always know when you’re fully charged and ready to go

Single-Speed Transmission

  • Specifically built to handle high rpm range of an all-electric motor
  • Delivers quiet, energy-efficient ride with smooth acceleration

Intelligent Access With Push-Button Start

  • No need for a key fob in your hand to unlock or start
  • Have it in your pocket, your handbag or anywhere on you
  • Simply press push-button start to get on your way

Cargo Management System

  • Focus Electric rear cargo space fits your storage needs
  • Optimizes space around the rear battery system
  • Versatile rear cargo management

Hybrids. Plug-In Hybrids. 100% Electric.

Do the choices leave you confused? Find out how different electric vehicle technologies compare.

Hybrids. Plug-In Hybrids. 100% Electric.

FOCUS electric FAQ

  • How is the Focus Electric different from the Toyota Prius (or a typical hybrid)?

    The Focus Electric is an all-electric vehicle. Unlike typical hybrid vehicles, there is no gas engine that kicks in to supply additional power. All the power is supplied by the lithium-ion battery system and electric motor. No gas is ever needed.
  • What does MPGe mean?

    MPGe stands for miles per gallon equivalent. It’s the EPA’s method for comparing the relative efficiency of all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to conventional gas-powered vehicles. The EPA’s formula equates one gallon of gasoline to 33.7 kilowatt-hours of electricity.
  • What company supplies the vehicle’s lithium-ion batteries?

    Compact Power, Inc. (CPI), based in Troy, MI, is the supplier of the lithium-ion battery packs for Focus Electric.
  • Where is the Focus Electric built?

    The Focus Electric is built at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan – right alongside the gas-powered Focus. Michigan Assembly produces a gas engine vehicle, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and an all – electric vehicle allowing Ford to be responsive to consumer demand.
  • Is the Focus Electric available with automatic or manual transmission?

    Focus Electric features a standard, single-speed automatic transmission designed specifically to handle the high rpm range of an electric motor. A manual transmission isn’t practical with such a system.
  • How many miles can I go on a charge?

    Depending on your driving conditions, Focus Electric can go up to 76 miles on a single charge.*
    *EPA-estimated. Actual range varies with conditions such as external elements, driving behaviors, vehicle maintenance, and lithium-ion battery age.
  • How fast can I go?

    More than fast enough for most major highways/freeways. The Focus Electric can achieve a top speed of 84 mph.
  • Does my battery drain when I’m sitting still?

    The electric motor does not draw current while the vehicle is sitting still. But other electrical systems in the vehicle (such as the radio, climate control, interior/exterior lighting) will draw current if they’re left on.
  • Can my driving habits improve my MPGe?

    As with a conventional gas-powered vehicle, how you drive has a big effect on efficiency. Accelerate slowly. Drive at a steady, moderate speed. And always try to avoid quick/hard braking. The Focus Electric includes numerous features to help, including a Brake Coach feature that helps you track your braking efficiency. The Navigation System’s EcoRoute option also calculates the most efficient route to your destination.
  • What happens if the battery runs out while I’m on the road?

    The Focus Electric is equipped with numerous features to help you keep track of and maximize your range. So depleting your battery should, with normal driving, be avoidable.
    But in extraordinary situations, if your battery should run out before reaching a destination, 24-Hour Roadside Assistance will tow eligible Focus Electric vehicles to the nearest qualified Ford or Lincoln Dealership. At your request, it can also be transported to your home if it is located within 35 miles of the disablement location.
  • The Focus Electric has no spare tire. What if I get a flat?

    Focus Electric comes standard with a Tire Mobility Kit that consists of a sealing compound in a canister that will effectively seal most punctures caused by nails or similar objects, along with an air compressor to reinflate the tire. This kit provides a temporary seal allowing you to drive up to 120 miles at a max speed of 50 mph.
  • How often should I plug it in?

    For daily driving, you’ll want to plug it in every night.
  • How long does it take to charge?

    With the available Leviton 240V charging station, Focus Electric can fully charge in about four hours.
  • I want the 240V charging system installed. What tools/skills do I need to install the charger?

    Ford has teamed up with Leviton and AeroVironment, a leading producer of electrical devices, to develop the 240V home charging station compatible with Focus Electric and all upcoming Ford plug-in vehicles. Installing it yourself is not recommended.

    Instead, the best place to start when preparing your home for an electric vehicle is at your Ford Certified EV Dealer. AeroVironment can provide full service installation or allow consumers to purchase both the Ford-branded Leviton and AeroVironment 240V charging stations without installation.
  • How much does this charging station cost?

    Based on current plans, the Leviton 240V home charging station is $849 and the AeroVironment is $899. The average cost for standard installation is expected to retail for approximately $1,799. However, this price can vary depending on your house and garage electrical system. The unit can be purchased along with your Focus Electric through your Ford Certified EV Dealer.
  • Where else can I recharge?

    With the included 120V convenience cord, you can recharge the Focus Electric anywhere you can find a standard, dedicated, three-prong outlet. But for faster charging, you can use the MyFord® Mobile app to locate the nearest 240V charging stations in your area (or in the area where you may be traveling).
  • Where are the batteries located? Do they take up a lot of the hatch space?

    The Focus Electric battery pack is located at the rear of the vehicle, under the rear passenger seat and extending into the cargo area. While the battery does take up a portion of the cargo area, the Focus Electric comes standard with a unique Cargo Management System to help make the most of the space available.
  • Is it true that the Focus Electric has no fluids like coolant, transmission, steering, brake, etc.?

    Not entirely. Focus Electric does use some fluids (including a liquid coolant in the battery system, brake fluid and windshield wiper fluid). However, the Focus Electric will never require an oil change and, most importantly, uses absolutely no gasoline.
  • What can cause my EV range to vary?

    Many factors can affect it: ambient temperature, traffic conditions, terrain, driving behavior, use of the vehicle’s climate control system, number and weight of passengers in the car and weight of cargo. That’s why the Focus Electric comes standard with numerous features to help you maximize your range, including cabin preconditioning, which allows you to preheat or precool the cabin while the vehicle is still plugged in to avoid drawing energy from the battery.
  • What are the specifications of the Focus Electric?

    Here are some of the basics:
    • Engine: 107 kW electric motor
    • Battery: 23 kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery system
    • Onboard charger: 6.6 kW
    • Transmission: 1-speed automatic
    • Top speed: 84 mph
    • Brakes: 4-wheel disc brake system with Regenerative Braking System
    • Front-wheel drive
    • 5-passenger
  • Will the Focus Electric qualify for a federal tax incentive?

    The Focus Electric may be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500. Information on federal income tax credit rules and regulations can be found here: http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/taxevb.shtml.

    Additional information on federal, state and local incentives and laws can be found here: http://www.afdc.energy.gov/afdc/laws/.

    You can also consult your tax advisor for details.
  • Will maintenance costs be more or less than for a similar gas engine vehicle?

    With fewer moving mechanical parts than a conventional gas-powered vehicle, scheduled maintenance is nearly eliminated. In fact, scheduled Multi-Point Inspections, checking the tire pressure, rotating the tires and filling the windshield washer fluid are about all you’ll ever need to do.
  • Is there a more economical way to charge the Focus Electric?

    To take advantage of lower off-peak-hour utility rates, the MyFord® Mobile app and Web portal let you customize your charging schedule. This allows your Focus Electric to charge during times when electricity prices are lowest.
  • Where is the Focus Electric available?

    Ford Certified EV dealers are located nationwide and are able to sell Ford’s plug-in products: Focus Electric, C-MAX Energi, and Fusion Energi.
  • Where will the vehicle be shipped?

    The Focus Electric can be shipped to any of the EV Certified Dealers; please use the locate a dealer tool advanced search by selecting ‘Electric vehicles’ to find a dealership where a Ford plug-in can be shipped.

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