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FordPass App Update, April 2024

What the Redesigned FordPass® App Does

Get to your go-to Ford vehicle features quick and easy with the intuitively redesigned FordPass App.* Easy app screen navigation can help you find what you need effortlessly. Updates also include new and updated app features, controls, and functionalities based on your vehicle model. The new FordPass App provides a heightened owner experience, helping you to better find your vehicle information, manage your settings, and access your remote vehicle controls in the app.

When the New FordPass App Will Be Available

Owners with auto-updates enabled in their FordPass App settings will receive the new app update sometime in late spring or summer of 2024. At that time, the updated app will also be available for download in your app store. After the updated FordPass App launch, we’ll continue to release more new, enhanced, and updated FordPass App features in coming months.

What’s Included in the New FordPass App

In addition to easy app navigation and its intuitive design, the updated FordPass App adds new EV controls for Mustang Mach-E® SUV and F-150 Lightning® truck owners. It brings in-demand EV features like Remote Climate Control to F-150 Lightning truck owners. It also adds enhanced Apple Watch integration and Google Maps integration across all vehicle models in the app. The first set of new and enhanced vehicle controls available in the redesigned FordPass App are available based on vehicle model:

All Ford vehicle models (gas-powered, hybrid, and electric)

  • Easy app screen navigation
  • Expanded Apple Watch integration
  • Google Maps integration

Ford electric vehicles only

  • New Tesla Supercharger integration
  • Simple slider for target charge visibility
  • Immediate charging error notification

Ford F-150 Lightning truck only

  • Remote Climate Control

For questions on the availability of some of the app features in this update, please contact the Ford CRC (Customer Relationship Center) at 800-392-3673, or visit Ford.com/help/contact.

We’ll be providing more upcoming app updates with other added features and improvements, all designed to help enhance your experience in the new FordPass App.

Where You Can Find the New FordPass App

When the new FordPass App launches, all Ford Owners will be able to check their existing FordPass App version or visit their app store for an available update.

When You Should Use the New FordPass App

Access your vehicle remotely or check your vehicle information anytime on your phone or Apple Watch with the new FordPass App. Mustang Mach-E SUV and F-150 Lightning truck owners can also use the new app on their phone or Apple Watch to find a Tesla Supercharger, view their current charge levels, or quickly stay on top of potential charging errors.

The new FordPass App helps make it easy and more convenient to access your Ford vehicle and its information, helping you to better stay in the know.


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*The FordPass® App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available through a free download. Message and data rates may apply.

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