Can I Flat Tow My Ford?

If you're planning a trip in an RV or motorhome and want to bring your Ford vehicle along, first you'll need to find out if your vehicle can be flat towed with all four wheels on the ground:

  1. Search for your vehicle's model year in the RV & Trailer Towing Guide.
  2. Select your vehicle's towing guide.
  3. Find the Four-Wheel-Down Towing Availability section.
  4. Follow the directions and get on the road.

And here's a quick tip: easily search the RV & Trailer Towing Guide by pressing CTRL + F at the same time to open a search box in your browser. Then enter "four-wheel-down" or any other towing term to search the guide.

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Follow the guidelines outlines in the Towing section of your Owner's Manual for safe towing.