How do I set Preferred Charge Times for my electric vehicle in FordPass®*?

You can set up your Preferred Charge Times through the FordPass App. Use the steps below for more information. 

Setting Preferred Charge Times 

Select your current FordPass App experience to learn how to set up Preferred Charge Times.

FordPass 5.X Experience

To set a Preferred Charge Time:

  1. Ensure you have set a Target Charge for your charger location
  2. Open FordPass and select Energy.
  3. Select Preferred Charge Times.
  4. Choose a location from your list of saved locations.
  5. Select the + (plus) icon.
  6. Tap Select Time next to Starts and Ends to choose a start and end time.
  7. Select the Repeat button. You can choose either:
    • Weekdays
    • Weekends
  8. Tap Save and return to the Charge Time screen.

Your Preferred Charge Time is now set.

Note: Preferred Charge Times cannot overlap with preexisting times. If you try to set a Preferred Charge Times that overlap, you will receive an error and will be unable to save.

FordPass 4.X Experience

To set a Preferred Charge Time:

  1. Open FordPass and select the Vehicle screen.
  2. Tap the Charging header. 
  3. Select Preferred Times.
  4. Tap Begin Setup.
  5. Select the Previous Locations tab. 
  6. Choose the location you wish to set up.
  7. Type in your desired location name.
  8. Select your preferred charge level.
  9. Choose your preferred charge times:
    • Set my own time - requires you to input start (From) and end (To) times. 
    • Recommended times - requires you to choose a utility provider and a rate plan. 
  10. Tap Save

Your Preferred Charge Time is now set.

If you experience any issues, contact a Guide for additional support. 

Preferred Charge Time Benefits

Setting up preferred charge times allows you to:

  • Avoid peak hour pricing from your home energy provider.
  • Set times during the day that you would like your vehicle to charge.
  • Enable charge times so that your vehicle will not charge the instant it is plugged in.
  • Charge only to a set percentage, which can be based on your preferences. 

Additional Information 

How do I edit or delete my preferred charge times?

*FordPass® App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available through a download. Message and data rates may apply.