Feature Highlight: Record Feedback

Software update 6.X started in November 2023

What This New Record Feedback Feature Does

The new record feedback capability in your Ford vehicle is exactly what it sounds like. You can record a voice message and share thoughts and feedback about your experiences with your Ford vehicle. All in the moment, from the convenience of your vehicle.

Which Vehicles Are Receiving This Software Update

Ford vehicle models equipped with a SYNC® 4* or SYNC 4A center touchscreen system will receive this record feedback feature in either the 6.X or 8.X software update. Please note this is a phased rollout and not all owners will receive these updates at the same time. Check the FordPass® App** or your in-vehicle settings for your latest software updates.

What’s Included in This Software Update

This update includes a new record feedback feature for properly equipped Ford models. This innovative feature aims to help improve the ability to gather feedback quickly and efficiently from Ford owners about everyday experiences with their vehicle. It’s all in hopes of quicker concern resolution and positive feedback awareness gathered from these vehicle experiences shared by Ford owners. However, for any safety or service-related concerns about your vehicle, instead please directly contact your Ford Dealership or the Ford Customer Relationship Center. Visit the Software Update FAQs to learn how to view your latest software update details and get answers to all your software questions.

How Record Feedback Enhances Your Vehicle Experience

You’re in your Ford vehicle and notice an issue; maybe it’s a feature you’re having difficulty using or an aspect of the vehicle you think could be improved. It could also be something you like that’s working well in your vehicle and you want to share with us. With the new record feedback capability, you can speak your mind about any experiences you have with your Ford vehicle. No other action or reminder needed — just share your thoughts with us when and where you need, in the moment, and from the comfort of your vehicle.

Where You Can Find Record Feedback in Your Vehicle

Locate the new record feedback button on the SYNC 4 or SYNC 4A center touchscreen system inside your Ford vehicle. The exact location of this button will depend on which center touchscreen system comes with your vehicle and which software version it currently has.

You can find more details about this latest software update series on your in-vehicle touchscreen by selecting Settings > Software Update. You can also find details in your FordPass App account under Vehicle > Features & Settings > Software Updates. Please note availability of the software update series and features varies by model and is subject to change.

When You Should Use Record Feedback

If equipped, use record feedback in your vehicle anytime you notice something you wish to share about any experiences with your Ford vehicle. You can do this while driving or sitting inside your parked vehicle. To use this new function, find the record feedback button in the center touchscreen system inside your vehicle and select the button. From there, simply follow the audio prompts directing you to record your voice feedback. Then, share thoughts, suggestions, and reactions about the vehicle experience or feature you’re concerned about — or impressed with. Finally, end your voice recording by selecting Send. Your recording will be securely transmitted to Ford via a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, or as soon as your vehicle is connected to one of these sources again.

You can record and send voice messages of up to 45 seconds long. Along with your voice recording to Ford, your vehicle will also send a snapshot of vehicle data aligned with your customer consent data permission settings. A Ford customer service representative may reach out some time after to follow up with you regarding your recorded voice feature feedback.


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*Don’t drive while distracted or while using handheld devices. Use voice-operated systems when possible. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones.

**The FordPass® App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available via a download. Message and data rates may apply.