What is Ford Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go and Lane Centering?

Available Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Stop-and-Go and Lane Centering can detect lane markings that help you keep your vehicle centered in the lane.

Lane Centering only activates when all of the following occur:


  • The system checks for slight movements of the steering wheel to verify that your hands are on the wheel. When the system is active and detects no steering activity for a certain period of time, the system alerts you to put your hands on the steering wheel. If you do not react to the warnings, the system cancels and slows your vehicle down to idle speeds while maintaining steering control.
  • If it does not detect valid lane markings, the system stays inactive until valid markings are available. You can override the system at any time by steering your vehicle.

Setting the Adaptive Cruise Control speed

The cruise controls are on the steering wheel.*

  1. Press ON on the cruise control switch on your steering wheel.
  2. Drive to your desired speed.
  3. Press and release SET.
  4. Take your foot off the accelerator.

Turning on Lane Centering

  1. Press the Lane Centering button   on your steering wheel. 
    Lane centering button
  2. An indicator light will appear on your information display. The color of the indicator changes to indicate the system status. Green means the system is active and is applying steering assistance. Gray indicates that the system is on but inactive. 
    Lane centering icon


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*Location and appearance of buttons may vary. See your Owner's Manual for information specific to your vehicle.

Driver-assist features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s attention, judgment, and need to control the vehicle. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for details and limitations.​