How do I unlock my Ford when the Intelligent Access Key is not working?

You can use the removable mechanical key blade inside your Intelligent Access key fob, to unlock your doors. 

To unlock your doors: 

  1. Access the key blade by sliding the release on the back of the key fob and pulling out or pivoting the key blade.

    Note: For a demonstration of how to access the key blade, view the video below. 

  2. Locate the key slot on the driver's door handle. Depending on your vehicle, this will either be located on the bottom or the side of the handle. 
  3. Insert the key blade into the key slot and press up. Applying upward pressure, move the key towards the rear of the vehicle to release the door lock. Gently remove the key while doing so to unlock and open your vehicle. 

You can lock your door by placing your key back in the key slot. Apply pressure and move it forward until it is in place. You may hear a sound as it engages.


  • The method of accessing the key blade and changing the transmitter battery varies based on the type of key fob your vehicle came with.
  • You can also start your vehicle using your key fob by placing it in the pocket inside the center console or the slot in the steering column. Place the key in the slot and press the Start/Stop button to start your vehicle.